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From Improvisation towards Composition, I investigate Body Movement in Space.
The Pulse of Life, Inner Rhythms, SenSorial Perceptions. Nature. Humanity. Diversity of Arts.
Inspirations becoming Poetry in Motion.
Dance as a language, Bodies as vehicles.

Since childhood, I have been related to Dance. First it was Classical Dance and along the years I've trained in Contemporary, Butoh, Dance Theatre, Contact Improvisation (CI), Flamenco and Yoga by traveling in Europe, Cuba and India. So, I've experienced the work of many choreographers and artists internationally.

I've collaborated in artistic projects with Karel Neninger, Xuan Alyfe, Luis Fernandes, Pedro Paz, Mar Moreno, Marina Oural, Chefa Alonso, Isabel Cabrero, Alberto Saiz, Cia. Des Nomades, Mónica Cofiño, Le Piano du Lac...
Very involved in the CI movement, I impulse this practice in Spain and Portugal. I've co-created the international CI festival 'Asturias Contact Festival' (2015-2019) and taught in several events in Europe.

After a few years established in Portugal, I have returned to my nomadic roots and find myself in Mazunte, Mexico continuing my research in these lands and seas, although still involved in several projects in Europe. I continue with the production of the Butoh dance gathering 'Renascimento em Dança' and creating, together with Mar Moreno and Alberto Aldaba, a trilogy of artistic works under the title 'Despertar Es - Creer para Crear'.


After a period in Mazunte where I've developed a cycle of regular dance lessons, now I'm on the road again, shaping the material we've worked on, to share the work in the format of INTENSIVE.

Here I tell you what is this about:

"Shaping the Body & Moving the Soul"

In the first part of the class: <from the form to the state>  we develop dynamics from contemporary techniques, somatics, body weather, even flamenco and classical dance glimpses to shape our body, to challenge our coordination, to develop the sense of rhythm, the connexion within the space, within others.

Following the flow and enjoying the resistance, the sweat & the state of presence.

In a second part: <from the state to the form> we will investigate movement inspired by images, emotions, philosophy, symbols… Butoh style for an authentic expression of our beings.

From improvisation, we will travel towards scenic composition with a diverse  range of choreographic tools. 




First Period: 


Inside of the labyrinth. It is the time of duality, confusion and conditioning, in which identification with memories is expressed in the experience of suffering, separation and power struggles. Unaware of our true Being, of our power, we live dependent on the outside. Identified with our character, with our masks, totally manipulable. Without realizing it, we repeat the same story over and over again.


Poesía, Danza, Música

A seed in motion, from Galiza to Uruguay, begins its journey with the great Uruguayan poet Juana de Ibarburu, 'Juana de América' in the link between these two lands. This is the pretext for an scenic creation that integrates several artistic disciplines: poetry, dance, music & pedagogy at the service of theatre. 



Feldenkrais, Dance, Sensitive Painting

As human beings we are complex beings, in search of singularity, of return to the source. We offer this experience combining different practices, as ways of access to the observer that we are, and that complement each other, allowing the different parts of our being, to express themselves and resonate together, in coherence.
A collective space of transformation opens up to transcend old limiting patterns and to welcome other more effective and authentic ones that allow us to express our deep self in our actions as we are and to focus together towards the light!

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Todas ellas en mi.

Es Viaje

Es Exilio

Es Vida

Es Sueño

Es Danza

Le pregunto a mis entrañas

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