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Asturias Contact Festival 2022

From the 25th until 30th August, we have celebrated the sixth edition of our beloved Asturias Contact Festival.

After 3 years of silence, we came back this year with lot of strength, with new teams, fresh proposals, and as always, lot of love and joy.

Organizing and creating this gathering with Hugo García and Sara Vázquez, unconditional collaborators of the festival since the beginning was such a bless!

We were so emotional and thankful to see how so many people registered to join the festival, it was surprising, we needed to set a limit of 100 people, wowww! And we were a few more. . .

We were wondering what was the reason for so many people wanting to join: the program, the friendly price, the beauty of Asturias, the love behind, the many friends abroad, the will to dance and to gather. . . All of this ...

We wanted to bring a proposal with more freedom of schedules and more horizontal structure (not so much about workshops, but about practicing and exploring together), so each participant could make the festival attending his or her needs and curiosities.

It was a very interesting experiment, a bit crazy, but beautiful at the same time.

We are already thinking and reflecting about how it was developed, to refine and find a good balance between structure and freedom for next editions.

We enjoyed the sun, the rain, the clouds, the storm, the inside and the outside, the crowded dinning room, the magic of the jam night in the church, the cinema, the performances, proposals from the guest teachers, proposals from participants.

Thanks to all our guests who came to share their experience and art completely from their hearts: André Soares, Antonio Lorenzo, Catalina Mahecha, Ebi Soria, Leilani Weiss, Marcos Palacio, Oskar Estanga, Rafa Ocho, Sergio Palomares, Carmen Alcalde, Africa Clua, Borja y Manon, Mireia, Hivan...

Thanks to the production and kitchen team: Silvia, Raquel, Ana, Álvaro, Cala and all the helpers.

Thanks to the women that support me during this adventure: Mar, Marina, Mer, Nicole, Cala (again)

Thanks to all participants!

Specially Thanks to my colleagues Hugo and Sara, for the complicity, trust, love and gratitude. We keep going on with all our love and best of ourselves.

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