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Movement & SenSorial Rhythm - Move.SenS

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

In 2013, when first time came to live in Portugal we met Pedro Paz, Igor Van Ditzhuijen and me. 3 dancers for a new project: 'Oficinas de Corpo Inteiro'.

Pedro asked me: How would you call your work?

WoW!! First time figuring out how to resume my approach to Dance... and this came to light:

- Movement & SenSorial Rhythm -

- Movimento e Ritmo SenSorial -

<Despertar la consciencia corporal para crear movimiento con sentido, a traves de percepciones interna y externas.>

Conocer y reconocer un movimiento orgánico y natural dentro de nuestro cuerpo, trabajando conscientemente desde cada célula del mismo, articulación, músculo, fascia, víscera, piel, y su relación con el espacio que nos rodea, con los otros, el tempo. Descubrir un nuevo cuerpo emotivo a través de los sentidos. Seguir nuestros propios ritmos internos, conjugados con otros que nacen desde la inércia, el peso, la palabra, el ritmo grupal...

Así, componer una danza totalmente consciente y creativa desde nuestra propia esencia.

This is still the base of Move.SenS. But beyond this, Move.SenS is a Movement that is birthing. New desires and new perspectives. After all these years of diverse experiences, traveling, meeting people, learning, growing, and transforming personally and artistically,

I start to develop Move.SenS, again in Portugal, shorter name for a more focused work.

We wanna ground our dance and build something together.

So much to talk about, to express through our bodies, to transcend through dance.

Dance as the language of the body, the language of the Soul.

We need to Listen to it, to Observe it.

To challenge ourselves, to try, to fall, to discuss, to laugh, to sweat, to get crazy...

In Move.SenS we investigate and develop Dance as an Art.

Technique, Consciousness and SenSitivity to the Service of Creation and Expression trough Body Movement.

LaXataLaRifa festival 2018. Performance directed by Alberto Saiz.

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