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Play Practice

A dance residency program with a final performance organized by Abhilash Ningappa, in Bangalore, India.

15 people from all over the world, from different backgrounds: mostly dancers, but also psychologists, actors, musicians, landscape designers….

Living together, working together, creating, training, discussing, cooking, sharing four weeks, full time together in this Incredible India!

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Physical practices including yoga, martial arts, kalari payattu, contemporary dance.

Research of movement and improvisation, linking our interests and topics such as:

Freedom, Wholeness, Infinite, Authenticity, Intention, Center and Periphery, Being Myself, Past-Present-Future….. and physical states and task: Solid and Liquid, Hugh, Fighting, Contact Improvisation…

Awakening emotions through movement.

Creating movement from feelings, and states of mind.

The teachers team:

Abhilash Ningappa (director), Nakula Somana (Contemporary Dance), Ajeesh K. Balakrishnan (Kalari Payattu), Radhika Challiha (Yoga), Namrata Sudhindra (Yoga)


Ajeesh K. Balakrishnan (IN), Aya Kobayashi (JP-UK), Carli Gellins (NT), Diane Gemsch (SW), Djembe Ashok (IN), Dominik Feistmantl (AUS),  Emily Mykaila (UK), Irene Coto (SP), Katerina Archontaki (GR), Kiri Figueiredo (CA), Mafalda Mas Sagranichiny (SP-IN), Maia Nichols (USA), Nicola Fabiana (GER),  Pierre Goumot (FR), Safira (NT), Sarah Vella (MALTA-GER).

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