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Body Care

Your Body is Your Home

The human body is a perfect machine to move with grace, lightness and harmony, in a simple and effortless way.
We see it in children, spontaneous and pure. We grow up in this western society, where the mind predominates and the lazy body loses its true mobility and potential. We misuse our body.
The body is naturally healthy. There is no pain, there is no injury, there is no disease.
We are going to recover this state of vitality and harmony by reencountering our anatomy in motion.


Regular Practices

Available in English, Português, Español

In these practices we develop a deep body awareness observing our anatomy, toning and stretching the muscles, opening spaces in the joints, breathing, working the coordination, balance... Sometimes it may seem like a physical training, others like a yoga session, or a dance class… it's nothing like that and it's all. _ .move.sens.

Individual sessions are totally personalized to your specific needs.

Group sessions are a global training routine to keep the general well being of your physical condition.

The goal is to get into a closer relationship with your body, to integrate healthy habits into your daily lives, to recover organic movement patterns and to feel the pleasure of inhabiting a healthy, light and strong body.

Live Group Sessions 

1hour at Ouriço. Parede
Max. 4 people

On Mondays 7,30pm

On Tuesdays 10am

50€/month once a week

On Line Private Sessions

1 hour sessions
For attending your special needs, and concrete requests.

Reach me to settle the time that best fit for both of us

Pack 3 sessions/90€

Live Private Sessions

1 hour session

At your place or

In a Studio in Sintra or Parede.

Reach me to settle the time that best fit for both of us

Pack 3 sessions / 120€

Body Care: List

I have been joining Irene’s toning sessions online and I love her sparky, engaged way of teaching and her passion for the body and movement. Irene has great knowledge of alignment, anatomy and posture and she weaves this into the classes in a fun and light way that is contagious. The support form Irene has motivated me to get going again after injury and I feel more juicy and alive after the sessions. Highly recommended if you need that little nudgy boost and more variation/precision in your practice, and it’s much more fun to do it together than alone!

Amina Auer

21 days program

A 21 days program on line

Tu Cuerpo, Tu Hogar

Alltera Hub Academy

coming soon
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