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Contact Improvisation

Contact Improvisation is a practice developed by Steve Paxton and other dancers in the 70's in California. It has evolved during all these years and the number of practitioners is growing all over the world.

Contact Improvisation is about listening, it is a dialogue between bodies where the starting point is the point of touch between them. Bodies in movement affected by natural laws of gravity, inertia momentum... interacting with each other in the Here & Now.

I came into Contact Improvisation in 2010 when I was diving into many different forms of dance. CI has become one of the main areas I work on. Such a huge world for the exploration of body movement.
Main influences in my practice come from dancers as Mirva Makinen, Linda Búfali, Asaf Bachrach, Andrew Harwood, Olaf Kehler, Crisitane Boullosa, Bernd Knappe, Angelica Donni, Patricia Kuyppers, and many many others I've found on the dance floors, in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, India, England, Germany, California and so on. . .

I share my experience and research by teaching in some festivals as Portugal Contact Gathering, Paris Contact New Years, Cercanías, Apoteósico and also creating events, workshops & jams, giving an impulse for the CI practice in Asturias, Cádiz and Portugal mainly, highlighting the co-creation of  the international 'Asturias Contact Festival' since its birth in 2015.

Asturias Contact Festival 7

CI: Services

22 - 30 Agosto 2023

7th edition of this Magic Event

Off Festival_ 22, 23 & 29, 30 August 

     With open activities for every body


On Festival_ 24 - 28 August

    Guest teachers: Lucía Sánchez, Pipaluk, Raul Saldarriaga.

    Workshops, jams, marathon, live music, visuals, creation, performance, video dance. . .  

Open call for musicians and proposals for off festival

CI: Services

Regular Contact Improvisation Practices

CI JAM with Live Music at Quinta Ten Chi

On Sundays

6pm - 9pm

R. Moinho do Gato, 2710-650 Sintra

Contribution: 10 € - 25€


One to One

Individual sessions in Lisbon and Sintra

Contribution: 40€ - 60€


Contact Improvisation Training

A series of 4 themes for a complete approach to Contact Improvisation practice.

Understanding the body as a Whole:
Moving body, Sensing body, Creative body, Thinking body and Spirit

related to the 5 elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, & Eter.

Bodies (masses) in Motion affected by Universal forces Communicating through Movement, through the Sense of Touch.

CI as life itself.

CI 4 WS-2.jpg


A Contact Improvisation approach by Irene Alvarez and Joel da Silva.

Puzzling Bodies aims to keep the spontaneity, freshness and authenticity in our Contact Improvisation practice. We offer stimulant dynamics to take you in new movements, qualities and relations, awakening the imagination, the sensing body and the imagination.
We open a space to hear your requests, ideas, struggles and pose a work with the group based on that.
And last, a gift for all, a moment for enjoying instant composition shared with the group.

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