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Physiotherapy & Massage

I work as a physiotherapist for over 15 years in different centres of rehabilitation, hospitals, private clinics and as a freelancer treating very diverse pathologies, chronic pains, traumatizes, athletes, and helping people to reconnect with their bodies to develop healthy patterns of movement.

 I've completed my studies with postgraduates in 'Trauma and Orthopedic treatments', 'Thermal physiotherapy & Balneotherapy', 'Miofascial Induction' (Andrzej Pilat), and 'Thai Massage' (Chiang Mai, 2015).

So, I integrate all these techniques in my treatments, working sometimes over a tatami on the floor, sometimes in the table massage, depending on the issue and the needs of the person who is receiving the treatment. 

To restore the general well-being of the body, I follow the Thai Massage foundation, stimulating the energy lines that run through the body to go for a deep massage relaxing muscles and tissues in the body. 
When you have a strong contractura, an injury in any joint or a relapse problem, we will work more specifically to relieve your pain and to bring the health to your body. In this case I recommend you to book some regular sessions to solve the issue, working deep in the tissues and adding some others tools as kinesiotaping, exercises and recommendations for you to take care of.

I also make treatments for chronic and or neurologic diseases that need physical rehabilitation or mantainance.


Manual treatments

What are you looking for?

First Physiotherapy Session
(60 minutes)

Thai Massage
Complete Body Massage
Complex Physiotherapy treatment
(100 minutes)

Movement Reeducation
(Regular sessions: 60 minutes)


Irene's massage is transformational. her hands are extremely sensitive, creating a very peaceful and caring environment to allow full body release and receptivity. I felt her hands weaving together new pathways in my body, created by a very light , quick and precise touch. The massage was a journey and a dance. I felt her touch dance with my sensations, unfolding a deep journey of self discover. By being met step by step I feel my shape more clearly.

R. Venturini (Neuroscientist)

Irene is one of the best mixes of excellent technique and intuition. Her massage left me deeply relaxed, moved, and rejuvenated. Her skills, care and professionalism make her one of the bes masseuses I've found in Lisbon, and believe me I've looked!

Pau Wojnar (Psichotherapist)

Massage training

This is a workshop for introducing any interested person in the art of massage. Helping to develop the sense of touch, learning anatomy and different techniques, so getting more confident when you want to give a massage to your partner, to a friend or to start your career as masseuse.

Why essential massage?

15 - 18 hours intensive workshop where you will learn:

~Anatomy of our bodies, specially muscles and points you need to know to don’t hurt your ‘receiver’ and to have more confidence as you will know where and how to touch the different parts of the body.

~ Guideline about how to perform a good release massage, with different manipulations, depths of touch.

Back and arms, neck, face and legs.


~How to listen with your hands


~How to keep good postures when giving a massage and to use your weight and own anatomy to perform the massage.


~Adaptations to give massage when we don’t have a table massage: work on the floor and sitting position of the receiver.


~We will practice to develop the sense of rhythm of a good release massage, connected with your breath, keeping a meditative state.

Massage is an inherent capacity of human being. 

It is matter of practice to develop a good sense of touch, and intuition plays an important role for this performance, but to know some techniques and fundaments are gonna always give you a boost to trust in what you are doing.

Body Care

Practices for the Care of the Body

An approach to the knowledge of our anatomy and the functioning of our body to acquire a deep body awareness that will allow us to develop the maximum performance of our musculoskeletal structure.


The goal of these practices is to get into a closer relationship with our body, to integrate healthy habits into our daily lives, to recover organic movement patterns and feel the pleasure of inhabiting a healthy, light and strong body.

The human body is a perfect machine to move with grace, lightness and harmony, in a simple and effortless way. We see it in children, spontaneous and pure. We grow in this western society, where the mind predominates and the lazy body loses its true mobility and potential, we misuse our body. The body is naturally healthy, there is no pain, there is no injury, there is no disease. We are going to recover this state of vitality and harmony by reencountering our anatomy in motion.

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