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It came by surprise!! 
When coming back from a trip in India in 2015, Marcos Palacio asked me: why we don't make a contact festival in Asturias? And I said ok!! So, we started dreaming about it and giving the steps to make it happen. It happened, and since that date Asturias contact festival is alive. 

Monica Cofiño, alias La Xata La Rifa helped us a lot in these first editions, and with her, I've learnt a lot about this world working in her bucolics productions for several times. 

I understood the depths and poetics of Production with Marina Oural. 

I've being on the edge playing this role, I've struggled, I've fight, I've spent nights with no sleeping.  
I've lived very exciting moments and I saw magic happening. 
Playing this rol you forget about yourself, you just play with all your skills in service to make things happen. 
You have the vision and you dare to give the steps to make it real.
You make the impossible to make something happen in the best way you can. 

Challenging, scaring and exciting!!! 

You go for it!!!
When something is meant to be is gonna be. We are just the channels to make things happen ! ! !
That's production.
That's life.

Events coming
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Butoh Gathering. IV edition

This is a once a year date for an inmersión in the art of Butoh. 

All human bodies are welcome, for this experience lead by these wise women.


Creation & Performance Festival

Co-directed by Irene Alvarez & Marlene Jöbstl

This is a new baby to dive into creative process, individually and collectively, into the Beauty Of Butoh, into the celebration of our most true expression.

In collaboration with Marlene Jöbstl who will lead the artistic process with her Radical Dance Research into the construction of a Cabaret Show.

BOB Festival

8 edition

My most beloved baby celebrating its 8 edition in this 2024. 

"Touching the Infinite"

Complete info will come soon.

In the button you access to the website, you can enjoy some picts from last editions

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