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Creativity Festival

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

We started last year, on the 2022 to celebrate these 'Creativity Festivals' at Quinta Ten Chi, Sintra, Portugal.

Initiated by Rita Venturini, I've joint the co-creative team for some more adventures of gathering and inspiring people, celebration and alive art experiences.

We follow the Chinese zodiac to inspire the content and context of the festivals.

On the 2022 we were 'Riding the Water Tiger', and on 2023 we were (are) 'Leaping with HeArts' following the energy of the Water Rabbit, that invites us To Be instead of BeCause, To Be Beauty and to Be With.

2 editions last year: June and October.

2023 - a single edition beginning of July.

We will celebrate next one on October 2024 with the Wooden Dragon (exciting) and keep this time of the year for a once a year event.

What are these creativity festivals about??!

To simply have the space to be creative.

What do you want to create?

You can come and simply do it.

We all are co-creators of the experience, involved in different measures but everybody becomes a co-creator. So, we get into building a program with workshops, talks, exhibitions, art temples, market, fairies, dance, poetry, music, shows, concerts, magic forest, delicious food, ceremonies, celebrations. . .

Oondalunare creations at Creativity Festival.

For the Water Tiger, <OMG!>, there was a big moroccan tent in front of the deck of Dragon dojo, and I just could imagine creating a CIRCUS there...

I didn't have much idea about how I would do that, but, it came!!!

I've gathered the people and brought them into a trip of dreams and magic, coming back to the most beautiful innocence, like kids.

It was a gift, and so we made it twice, in both 'Riding the Water Tiger' festivals.

When I knew the sign for 2023: Water Rabbit, I immediately thought: I want to make a CABARET, and then a very cute restaurant was installed at Ten Chi, so we came to create the Cabaré Varieté at The Café.

Amazing experience bringing the topic of BE BEAUTY in the narrative, with all its depths, and of course BE and BE WITH. An eclectic and shameless tribe of artists came to share their talents and stories in the stage. Very grateful to all of them to have follow the journey: Davin King, Eda Tola, Pauline Perdigon, Renata Anya, Rita Venturini, Virginia Torres and Jai Dong, our technician.

Show Must Go On , and I wish for more CABARÉ VARIETè to come ! ! ! !

An Overview of Leaping with HeArts Festival.

Taking an overview of this last edition I can say it was lots of FUN. Cabaret on the first night, then amazing wave of 5 Rhythms with Rui followed by an extraordinary Under Water World celebration with DJ Spicy-E aka Eda Tola and the Avatars by Virginia Torres and myself playing around.

OvO AvA came out of the egg and jumped inside the pool as the Cosmic Chicken that wants to Keep Alive.

In between very interesting workshops and beautiful moments to chill in The Café or play some music in front of the Deck of Dragon Dojo.

Last day, diving into the BE WITH - beautiful performance 'Com Sabor', honoring our roots and background as dancers, with my sister Virginia Torres and Sina Shirazi at the guitar, to come into an end of festival, Closing Ceremony with a massive multicolor jam with movement, voice, paint ...

Free bodies, free beings, happy, grateful and released.

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