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Weaving Bodies, Senses & Community _ review

In 2019. I was researching, organising and developing my pedagogy as a CI teacher. So, I created a series of 4 intensives developing different aspects of this practice. Each one related to an element (or 2): Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Eter and the different bodies we inhabit: Physical, Sensorial, Creative, Mental and Spiritual.

Then I met Rita Venturini and Quinta Ten Chi (again) and we decided to Weave something together.

She's got a very experienced body in CI and many other somatic and she hold the Social Presenting Theatre (SPT) practice every single day at QTC.

Social Presenting Theatre, as an anchor every morning, is a gift of No Time, No Space.

Total connexion within the inside, within the outside, within the Whole.

The origin of Theatre: To make visible the invisible.

Then the Contact Improvisation exploration, assisted in the different themes by Rita Vilhena, Nirvan Navrin and Joel da Silva.

We started planting some roots, grounding our bodies, and investigating different ways of relating in movement: leading, following, going against, scaping, attracting, simply going together. . .
We have dive into the more sensitive body, sensing the fascia, awakening our instinct through the pelvis movement
Opening our wings, we were travelling our dances in the space, keeping a constant flow
Coming back to the principles, to the Universal Laws we were experiencing the synchronicity in its most simple way of being.

To enrich the experienced we have invited some other artists facilitating other disciplines:

Eric Gonçalves in the 1st gathering - 'Around Physical Body and Relationships' brought an 'Activation of the Body' in the early morning.

Caterina Foa brought Feldenkrais in the 2nd one - 'Instinct & Sensitive Body'

Nirvan Navrin was sharing some Chi-Kung exercises in the 3rd one - 'Imagine & Dare to Play'.

Tiago Grade 'Rizumik' was our last guest in the 'We Are One within the Universe' with a proposal of 'Improvisation with Voice and Movement'. A perfect integration for the top of the cake.

Every time was more clear. These gatherings were about practicing 'Presence' and inevitably doors to new perceptions opened in front of us.

The fact of spending together a weekend, dancing, practicing presence, working as community to keep the space clean and beautiful, brings a lot of insights, and every gathering with its challenges and gifts were a real shift and opened new doors to connect with the source, with the unknown. No words can explain, but the experience stays in the cells of the body.

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