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.oonda lunare.

Welcome to this Frequency of Connexion with your Physical Body.

To find the Freedom in the path of Re-Discovering your Anatomy in Motion.


My name is Irene. I was born in Asturias (Spain), and in the last almost 4 years I have been living in Portugal.

Now, it's time to return to my nomadic roots and 'hit the road' across the Atlantic Ocean: Mexico is calling and I follow the call!!!


Dancer & physiotherapist, most of my life is dedicated to the investigation of body movement, which I share through manual therapy, teachings and scenic cromposition.


In recent years I have dedicated much of my time to the practice and community of Contact Improvisation. I have been supporting the Lisbon community for more than 2 years, facilitating workshops, jams and organizing festivals and gatherings, as well as keeping the Asturias Contact Festival alive and participating in other events of the same nature.


I continue to walk this path of Contact Improvisation, now navigating with my partner, Joel da Silva, developing our research as a duo, dancers and teachers, but also delving deeper into my own Dance, allowing what comes through me to emerge, from my body, from my manifestation.


Allow to move, to compose, to share. _ . Art shows us the way.


I share Body Care and Yoga sessions - live and online, in group or private.

A mission that I feel is important in my life: to lead people to experience a closer relationship with their physical body, to understand how it works, to take care of it, to enjoy the harmony of movement, to develop the physical potential that we carry within. _ .Your body is your home.



Navigate inside, love and share yourself completely.

Find the Beauty in Everything that exists.

Accept. Celebrate.


                    - I really believe that Life is Simple and I want to follow this path of Mastery -


Do the Impossible - Possible. The Possible - Easy. The Easy - Beautiful


                                                                                      Beauty will save the world.




Everything I do goes with me wherever I go, so stay connected and check where you can find me or where you want to take me. Always happy to be on the move. :)


As you browse, you will get to know me better ;)


Thank you for your visit, love,


Irene Alvarez


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