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Essential Massage

Recently we have celebrated an Essential Massage intensive Workshop in Mazunte, Oaxaca. Exactly location: Luz del Sol.

New doors opening for me, shaping and sharing this material and for participants, as one of them was sharing when we finnished: "new doors of consciousness and relation with my body are open now" <Alicia González>

A workshop designed for everybody interested in developing his/her skills as masseuse, whereas is to start a new professional career, or just to share with friends and family.

Because massage is a practice that belongs to human being as probably the most ancient technique to heal any issue in the body, not just physical but also mentally, energetically, spiritually or just as a way of sharing care to each other or to connect more with our sense of touch, so necessary and as the name of this project: ESSENTIAL.

My aim is to offer a safe space where we can learn and practice. Learn about our anatomy, some techniques, how to use our body, how important is to keep a meditative state, to involve our whole being in performing the massage: From our connection with the earth, with our breath, becoming a channel for the energy to flow through our hands towards the body we are touching.

It is not about manipulating, but about giving, offering, caring, sharing,



It is service.

Why to learn other more specific or complex techniques when we need to come to the essential and then a new world of perception opens in front of us.

Very grateful and inspired.

All participants attained their expectations and so this is the best gift I could get.

We continue in improving and for sure expanding our knowledge and experience for the well being of humanity.

Blessings of gratitude.

Thanks to Vera Bojanovic for the pictures

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