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PreSent in your Body, PreSent in your Life

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Why is it important to dedicate a moment of the day to connect with your body, observe it, move it consciously?

First of all, doing a movement practice keeps your body healthy. When we perform a movement practice consciously, we awake sensations that are numb, that we do not even remember. Thus we bring more awareness of our body and with it, more awareness to our life.

A more attentive and integrated state with the Whole. More Presence. Connected with a wisdom (from which we have moved away) that we are going to recognize. Because it exists. The wisdom of our body. A body that has memory, that is moldable, malleable, strong and flexible, porous, permeable, sensitive, sensual, expressive, intuitive!

A body with its own rhythms.


Each part of the body corresponds to a different energy (see chakras) and the more active we keep each area, the more that energy will be activated.

Each part of the body tends a function, and in its correct measure it must carry it out.

When there is an injury to the body, we must ask ourselves what we are not doing correctly, what we are doing in excess or in defect, what we are perhaps blocking.

The body, a great mirror of life. The canvas where our experiences are recorded.

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